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Preparing for Summer

Warmer weather is creeping in on us. When we seek comfort, we expect a cool, dry environment when the warm, humid air becomes normal weather. Now is the ideal time to get your cooling system prepared for the inevitable hot, humid days.



Evaluate the refrigerant lines that run from the outdoor unit to your home. Are they insulated properly? Free from damage or corrosion? If the lines are not in good condition, call Solaire Home Comfort to come check them for you. By law, Refrigerant can only be handled by licensed professionals. Without the proper refrigerant charge and flow your units will not cool and may experience other issues that could do permanent damage to your system.


If your home is still equipped with a standard, manual thermostat. A programmable or Smart thermostat might be a better option for you. During the Summer months, temperatures can fluctuate day by day. These new thermostats are far more efficient in monitoring and adjusting temperatures. They also conserve energy and save you money. If you have questions on replacing your current thermostat, give us a call at 570-673-4340.


The outdoor unit, depending on its location, can sometimes be cluttered with debris or vegetation. Inspect the are around your exterior condensing unit and be sure there is at least 3 feet of clearance around the unit. Proper air flow is necessary for these units to run at peak efficiency.


Air filters should be checked and maintained monthly. Depending on the type of air filter you use, you may need to replace your filter each month, or simply rinse off the filter and replace it. Proper air filter maintenance reduces allergens, dust and particles from entering your air ducts.


Tune-ups are an essential part of preventative maintenance. In addition to your own care, professional tune-ups optimize longevity, system performance and energy efficiency while reducing the possibilities of system failures. Call Solaire Home Comfort today to schedule your preventative maintenance. We're here for you.

Solaire Home Comfort


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24 jun

As the weather gets warmer, it's time to get your cooling system ready. Check if the refrigerant lines are insulated and not damaged. For safety, let licensed HVAC Contractors like Solaire Home Comfort handle cooling unit. Consider switching to a programmable thermostat for better temperature control. Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear for good airflow and check and replace air filters regularly to keep your home's air clean.

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