It’s our pleasure to serve you. We think we’re a unique and service-minded company, providing heating, air conditioning, and electrical services to residential and small commercial customers for 20 years. We’ve been dedicated to serving our community with skill and integrity since 1995, as Groff’s Heating, when Jason Denlinger opened our first office with his original founding partners, DeVon Groff and Laverne Hess in 1995.  Since then we have cultivated a dedicated team of technicians, specializing in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, plumbing and electrical work. 





Jason and Pamela Denlinger, the company’s owners, have dedicated this business to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They desire Solaire Home Comfort to reflect the character, kindness  and excellence of God, to glorify and serve Him. 

We pride themselves on excellence of workmanship and technical skill. We believe that our work is important, and that it deserves to be done well! We know that you are counting on us to give you  specialized work that will perform as promised, whether it’s a new heating system, a renewable energy system or a weatherization project.

Solaire Home Comfort has a unique angle on energy efficiency, because we know how to reduce our customers’ needs for energy, period. Whatever we recommend, we are not interested in making the biggest sale possible. Our goal is to solve people’s energy problems as efficiently as possible. This requires a thoughtful approach to our customers, as well as staying at the forefront of new technology.  We are here to serve you the best way possible. We believe this is ultimately best for our customers, our business and our community.



DeVon Groff had the original vision for the company. DeVon was from Canton, PA but lived in Lancaster, where he started a heating and plumbing company. He named his company “Groff’s Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning.”  DeVon’s father, Marvin Groff, was a dairy farmer and plumbing and heating contractor for many years in the Canton community. In 1995, DeVon decided to start a separate company in Bradford County named, “Groff’s Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.”  DeVon started this company to be supportive of his Dad’s business, but Marvin found he just preferred working on his own. DeVon invited two partners to join him: Laverne Hess, a bright and capable technician from Lancaster, and Jason Denlinger, a former pastor and  experienced salesman from Canton. The company outgrew a small office in Marvin’s farmhouse, and moved close by to an old dairy barn in Grover, PA. The milkhouse was renovated into offices, and the barn into a parts warehouse. The company is still in this location today.  “Groff’s Heating” as the company was known, attracted a solid crew of promising young technicians. Laverne was the technical lead man for the company until his unexpected passing in 2007 of a fatal heart attack. Seven years later DeVon decided to focus his efforts solely on the Lancaster business, and sold his share of the Canton business to his remaining partner, Jason Denlinger. The company was renamed “Solaire Home Comfort” and works in close partnership with “Solaire Energy”, an energy efficiency and solar company managed by Jason’s wife, Pamela Denlinger. The company is in a unique position of blending a long, successful history in the community with a new and fresh approach to the business. 


  • Theodore, Williamsport

    I appreciate the fact that Solaire Home Comfort's owners, employees, and technicians are courteous, respectful, proficient, and professional about the way they do business. I will definitely recommend Solaire Home Comfort to others and call them next time I have a heating or cooling issue.

  • Jim, Williamsport

    I have used your company for 10 years. I always considered your work good and the cost fair. My geothermal system works great, and I have recommended your firm to several interested parties.

  • Ken, Montoursville

    I have been a customer for over 20 years and don't remember of ever having a complaint about service. They have been able to take care of my needs within a reasonable period of time. I feel like I know and am friends with quite few people that are in their organization.

  • Marvel, Ralston

    Solaire Home Comfort staff is personal and friendly. When our boiler was installed, there was no problem with me assisting the installer with running the required plumbing throughout the house.

  • Donna, Columbia Crossroads

    The Solaire Home Comfort staff is always professional and courteous. The technicians appear to be competent and knowledgeable. They have always been prompt in responding to our needs. I would definitely recommend Solaire Home Comfort to others.

  • Donald and Arlene, Williamsport

    Late last summer we decided to purchase a heating/cooling system and heard about Solaire Home Comfort through a contractor, who had one of your systems installed in his own home.

  • Bill, Fanklin Township, Bradford County, PA

    When I needed emergency help, Solaire had a quick response. Always courteous and pleasant and dependable. Recommend highly! I've told others.

  • James, Jersey Shore

    Solaire Home Comfort has always resolved any problem that I've had. Your tech is very thorough. He kept me informed thorough the whole process. I'm happy with your company.

  • Richard, Troy

    I think you do a good job and have never had any problems with you. Your tech is very good.

  • Nancy, Cogan Station

    You've been a good company all these years. Very reliable. Great service. Your tech did a great job. He showed respect. I enjoyed him being here.

  • Jerry, Williamsport

    I've had very prompt and satisfactory service [from Solaire Home Comfort].