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Common Causes Of Heating Issues In Your Home

Winter is here. You need to be sure your heating system is ready for those long, cold nights, so that your family can be comfortable during the Northeast's wintry months. Through the years, your heating system suffers from wear and tear that prevents it from working it's best. You may even find yourself dealing with a number of issues, such as higher heating bills and decreased home comfort.

You don't have to sit back and accept these issues. You can call Solaire Home Comfort for a heating repair. We will investigate your system and repair any and all problems that might be affecting your heating. Read on to learn just a few of the common heating problems we can address:

Leaky Duct Work

Breakages in your duct work can affect how air moves throughout your home. If you detect weak air flow, you need to consider damaged air ducts.

Issues with Central Heating

Not all heating repairs are quick, simple and affordable. Sometimes the issues stem from your central unit, which can require some substantial repairs. Common causes of wear and tear on central units include:

- Age of the unit

- Overuse

- Not investing in proper heating maintenance

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes inconsistent or insufficient heating isn't due to any large-scale system components. Instead, they might be simply caused by a faulty thermostat. If your air duct and central unit are in good condition, you might want to consider the thermostat as the cause of your heating issue.

Call Solaire Home Comfort for all your heating needs

If your system isn't keeping up with those cold Pennsylvania nights, call us as soon as possible. We will quickly diagnose and repair the cause of your heating issues, and get you back on track, safe and warm.


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